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A New Place to Visit

By Sara Sklaroff , , ,

That guy on this month's cover? He isn't famous, but we think you'll want to read about him. Leighton Rockafellow Jr. has had type 1 diabetes since he was 14—nearly half his life—and as I write, he is in the middle of a seven-month trek through South America, Asia, and Europe. While we were interviewing him for travel tips, we found out that his companion and fiancée, Amanda Petran, happens to be one heck of a photographer; it's her portrait of Leighton on the cover and her pictures of Chile and Bolivia that accompany our guide to trouble-free trips (See "Tips to Trip By").

You may not be planning quite such a journey this summer. But if you're flying anywhere, you'll probably notice that, despite all the sharps and liquids, diabetes supplies are specifically exempted from the list of materials you can't bring through security. That's in large part because of the work of the American Diabetes Association, and it's only a small part of the work ADA does. The people here make it their business to take care of us. They establish standards for how our doctors should treat us, finance research to find a cure, and lobby for legislative changes to help all people with diabetes live better lives. That's in addition to the vast amount of information the Association supplies through its 24-hour call center, publications, and Web site. From diagnosis onward, they're here for you at every turn.

Full disclosure: Before I came to work here, I had no idea that the Association did all these things. I suspect I'm not alone. So this month, we're introducing a new section in the magazine: "Your ADA." It will keep you up to date with what the organization is doing, and how you can get involved in the cause. If you subscribe to Diabetes Forecast, you're already a member of the American Diabetes Association—consider this your home, too. And if you're not yet a member, I encourage you to join us. It's a great place to be.



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