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Gotta Eat

By Sara Sklaroff , ,

I have this theory: If people knew that they could get truly delicious healthy food at all times, they would eat healthy food at least most of the time.

Imagine if you could rely on the apples at the convenience store to be crisp and juicy, not dented and mealy; if it was unacceptable for fast-food restaurants to call a pile of wilted leaves and a pack of croutons a "salad"; if the alleged "vegetarian" option on an airplane was anything but a dispiriting plate of fat- and carbohydrate-laden pasta—in other words, imagine if good-for-you food was guaranteed to actually be good, no matter who was serving it.

But no. Is it any wonder people turn to junk food? A Snickers is a Snickers is a Snickers. You know what you're going to get.

Figuring out what to eat is the toughest aspect of living with diabetes. You're balancing your carbs with your meds to lower your blood glucose, maybe trying to lose weight at the same time, while attempting to stave off lows—it's a lot to juggle. And figuring out how to make it interesting is even tougher. But just because you have diabetes, it's no less important to eat food that is tasty and appealing. I would argue that it's even more so.

In this special issue of the magazine, we've tapped into some of today's biggest food trends. We'll help you navigate the farmers market, take you through some new ideas for incorporating different greens in your diet, and even offer some pointers on vegetarian eating. Our longtime food guru, nutritionist and chef Robyn Webb, has crafted a dozen terrific new recipes that capitalize on the best of summer's produce.

You have to eat; you have to eat healthfully. You might as well eat with pleasure, too.



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