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Your Inspiration (and Mine)

By Sara Sklaroff , ,

In the May issue, when we asked readers to tell us who inspired them to take care of their health, I had no idea how exceedingly generous, passionate, and moving your responses would be. You told us about people who'd accomplished so much in handling their diabetes, and about those who'd helped you take care of your own health: parents, children, friends—the great circle of support we all need.

It all made me consider my own inspiration: my daughter. She inspired me long before I met her. When I was diagnosed with diabetes eight years ago, my biggest concern was how it would impact my ability to bear children, and I resolved that I would do everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy.

As my belly grew (and how happy I was, for once, to have a big belly!), people were shocked to hear about my regimen: six or more glucose checks a day, four shots of insulin, and as the months went by more and more doctors' visits (four a week by the end). "How can you do all that?" they wondered. "How can I not?" I replied. There was no other choice, in my mind, and the excitement of becoming a mother was such that I truly didn't mind the needles, the hours in the doctors' waiting rooms, the constant fussing over lows and highs. Secretly, I felt lucky.

In a perfect world, I suppose I would have been my own inspiration. But as my daughter, now nearing her third birthday, sits here next to me, poking at my computer and covering my hand with ladybug stickers while she tells wild stories of giraffes and elephants in swimming class, I realize that this world is already perfect enough.



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