Diabetes Forecast

Your Diabetes, Your Magazine

By Sara Sklaroff ,

Sixty years ago this month, diabetes got its first magazine. A slim, squat journal printed primarily in black and white with an azure cover, ADA Forecast was launched by the American Diabetes Association to "broadcast as widely as possible accurate information about diabetes."

That's still the heart of the matter today. Before we put together each issue of Diabetes Forecast, we sift through news in research and treatment so we can communicate the most important material to you clearly and effectively.

But there's a lot more than medical matters to managing diabetes. So as we celebrate the magazine's history we're also looking forward. You'll see some big changes in Diabetes Forecast over the next year, much of it reflecting direct feedback from our readers. You may have already noticed that we're updating our look; we'll also be introducing new features and columns designed to explore all parts of life with diabetes. But don't worry, we'll still have the same cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art treatment advice, and tasty, healthful, and innovative recipes that you've come to expect—in fact, we'll have even more than before.

Readers already figure prominently in Diabetes Forecast, from Mail Call (our letters column) to our popular Reflections and Ask the Experts departments. And yet we still haven't heard enough from you. To that end, we will be posing questions for readers every month—asking you to share with others the challenges and successes of your life with diabetes. We'll print a selection of your insights in future issues.

In introducing Forecast to the world in January 1948, Edward S. Dillon, MD, then president of the association, quoted H.G. Wells, author of The Time Machine and other science fiction classics, who described his own diabetes as an "invigorating" condition. That idea has stuck with me—as it pertains to my own diabetes, which I want to manage as vigorously as possible, but also in thinking about what our magazine can do. We want to invigorate our readers: to strengthen your resolve and give you the tools you need to take control of your condition. In other words, we want to inspire you to live long—and live well.



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