Diabetes Forecast

2008 Resource Guide


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New Products
From drugs to continuous blood glucose monitors, the newest diabetes products are designed to make managing your condition easier and more convenient. By Kim Douglass.

Type 2 Medications
There are now six classes of diabetes pills and several combination oral meds. Each has a different way of helping you control your diabetes. By Marie McCarren
Along with human insulin analogs, recombinant DNA human insulins are the most widely used insulins in this country.

Insulin Delivery
Syringes...pumps...jet injectors...pens...infusers...they all do the same basic thing: deliver insulin through the outermost layer of skin.

Blood Glucose Monitoring and Data Management Systems
Before you buy a blood glucose monitor, check with your doctor and diabetes educator.

Products for Treating Low Blood Glucose
You work hard to avoid low blood glucose episodes, but they can't always be prevented.
Urine Testing
Urine tests, though no longer recommeded for blood glucose control, still play an important role in diabetes care by detecting the presence of ketones.

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