Diabetes Forecast

Success Stories

By Sara Sklaroff ,

How do you measure success? Do you define it by how much money you make? (Be honest!) Or by a less tangible idea of happiness? And how do you know if you're not meeting your goals because you've set the bar too high? A friend once told me that he was depressed every Sunday night because another weekend was over and he still hadn't written the great American novel. In diabetes terms, that's like saying "If I don't get my A1C below 7 I'm a failure." You're not likely to achieve that in a single weekend. You may not get there at all. And that has nothing to do with whether you are a "success" in managing your diabetes--or in life.

This month, associate editor Tracey Neithercott spoke with dozens of people about their diabetes successes. And yes, some of their accomplishments seem epic. But others are far more modest, the result of setting a reasonable health goal and sticking with it, day after day. Sometimes, it's the small goals that matter in the long run.

In fact, as the holidays approach, many of us will find success in not gaining the customary five extra pounds, or in not succumbing to the usual winter bout of the flu. In that vein, we hope that this month's issue will function as a seasonal survival guide, with stories to help you avoid the pitfalls of emotional eating, stress, and assaults on your immune system--plus a bunch of easy chicken recipes to make healthy dinners a snap in the midst of celebratory excess.

That way, wherever you set your bar, you'll actually be able to get over it.



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